intsegration 1.0 R package

Check out the R package intsegration where you can find the function (and code) for the evaluation of the global communication efficiency (GCE) of weighted networks (among others). The intsegration package is related to two publications EPJ Data Sci.

Quantifying efficient information exchange in real network flows

Exchanging information is crucial for many real systems and consequently also assessing the how efficiently a system carries on this task. Here we assume that the pairwise communication efficiency is inversely proportional to their distance (metric on the network). Furthermore, we focus on the efficiency that can be quantified through the topology of and the flows on the network.

Unraveling the hidden organisation of urban systems and their mobility flows

Increasing evidence suggests that cities are complex systems, with structural and dynamical features responsible for a broad spectrum of emerging phenomena. Here we use a unique data set of human flows and couple it with information on the underlying …