Giulia Bertagnolli

Giulia Bertagnolli

PhD student (3rd year)

University of Trento, Italy

I am a PhD student at the Complex Multilayer Networks Lab at the Fondazione Bruno Kessler, in Trento.

Here, I work on network geometry, a field at the intersection between complex networks (graph and spectral graph theory), geometry (differential, discrete, information, and spectral geometry), and dynamical systems (stochastic processes). The first review (Boguñá et al. 2021) on this topic is very recent, it was published only in January 2021!

Boguñá, Marián, Ivan Bonamassa, Manlio De Domenico, Shlomo Havlin, Dmitri Krioukov, and M. Ángeles Serrano,. 2021. “Network Geometry” 3 (2): 114–35. doi: 10.1038/s42254-020-00264-4.

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  • Complex networks
  • Graph theory
  • Geometry
  • Statistics
  • PhD student in Mathematics, 2021

    University of Trento and CoMuNe Lab, FBK, Trento, Italy

  • MSc in Mathematics for Life Sciences, 2019

    University of Trento, Italy

  • Master (first level) in Data Science, 2015-2016

    Bologna Business School, Bologna, Italy

  • BSc in Mathematics, 2014

    University of Trento, Italy